A friend of mine recently gave me some of her family’s precious glögg supply and I’m thinking this is the year I’ll try out a recipe I’ve had in my box for some time now.  It came from my mother’s recipe box and looks amazing, but I’m not a professional Swedish chef so I’m seeking advice!

Here’s the recipe from my mother’s recipe box (copied word for word; my comments and questions enclosed in [brackets]):

1/2 gallon port wine
1/2 gallon muscatel
1 pint whiskey
10-14 cloves
12 cardomom [whole pods or just seeds?  my recipe doesn’t specify]
1/2 an orange peel
2 sticks cinnamon
1/2 box raisins [what size box?  does it matter?]
almonds (optional)
2/3 cup sugar

Put loose spices in a tea strainer.  Boil this and raisins in small amount of wine until raisins plump.  Add to rest of wine and bring almost to boiling point. Add whiskey and light with match.  Quickly put pan cover on to extinguish flame.  Serve hot (not boiling) including raisins in each glass – 2-3 ozs. per glass.  Guaranteed to fix anything that may be ailing.  Best served as a welcome to guests, or anyone just coming in from the cold.  This is John’s second batch [which John does this refer to?] – he swears by it!