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Because I totally forgot!  Seriously, I was so distracted by little feet at my feet and big feet coming home from a long day of work, that I completely neglected to take photos.

I am forgetful, so this is not entirely suprising.

I learned about these little gems a few weeks ago when a fellow Dining Diva selected El Salvador for our upcoming dinner gathering theme.  She selected pupusas for the main event and invited us all to get our hands messy by making them with her last weekend.  Last night’s repeat wasn’t quite as successful, making it clear that these babies take practice.  The masa needs to be just right, the filling flawlessly seasoned, and the pan perfectly oiled and heated.

Despite the lack of photographic proof, these pupusas must be documented.  They are delicious.  And not just a little bit, not just because I needed a break from hum drum taco night, not because I was way too hungry to judge properly. 

Served with curtido, a fresh pickled slaw, these are a winner.

I used a recipe from but this is really just the beginning.  Practice is the main ingredient that cannot be substituted.


Place one clove of garlic and a couple sprigs of dill in a sterile glass jar. Add cucumber spears. Heat three parts water, one part white distilled vinegar in a saucepan. Pour hot vinegar mixture over cucumbers and seal jars.

I put two jars in the fridge and one jar in the cupboard. We just tried the first jar from the fridge after one week. Texture – perfectly crisp. Flavor – lacking. Almost took on a mild, artificially sweet flavor. Maybe I don’t like the garlic? The recipe suggested adding a few peppercorns to each jar, which I forgot to do.

I’d rather not use pre-prepared pickling spices. All ideas from more experienced picklers welcome!

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